So why am I so crazy about FJ60s. Well, first of all, I am crazy about all types of Land Cruisers as well as other Toyota vehicles. Yes, I even like the FJ Cruiser 🙂 I will write more about the FJ Cruiser in another post, but for now I want to stick to the FJ60.

What is it about this vehicle that I am so drawn to? I have had my Cruiser for 5 years. During this time I have asked myself this question over and over again in an attempt to try and get at the root of why I am so attracted to this particular vehicle. I think understanding this will help me understand myself a little better.

So, while pondering this question I have come up with a few reasons why I think this model Land Cruiser suites me so well.

1. Aesthetic

It’s just a really cool looking car inside and out. The exterior design seem timeless, like the Porsche 911 or the FJ40. One of my favorite parts of the exterior design is the front of the vehicle. I love the grill, how it says “Toyota” on the front and the round headlights. I have always loved SUVs with round headlights like the International Scout, Older Broncos, and various Jeep models. My first car was a 1986 CJ7 that I got in 1995. At the time all new Jeeps had rectangular headlights (and a lot of other inferior features) instead of the round ones. I was glad when Jeep made the change back to the round headlights. This is also one reason I like the FJ60 over the FJ62.

One of my favorite design elements that I think goes largely unnoticed is how the hood rises in the center. I think this looks phenomenal and I have tried to think of a way make this standout more, such as adding pin stripping, but I can’t think of a way to do it that would look good. I also love the vents and lines that go down both sides of the vehicles.

On the interior, the knobs and switches are great (although I wish they weren’t plastic) and the gauge cluster and steering wheel have a classic look as well. I also love the door panels and the seat fabric.

Overall, the Land Cruiser FJ60 just has great character.

2. Simplicity

The FJ60 is a fairly simple vehicle. Manual locks and windows and a manual transmission (more reasons I like the 60 over the 62), very few electronics overall, and the 2F is a pretty simple engine. This makes it much easier for an amateur mechanic like myself to work on and more dependable, in my opinion.

3. Quality

Toyota makes pretty solid vehicles today, but the older Land Cruisers and toyota trucks are hard to beat when it comes to quality mass produced vehicles. An anecdote that illustrates this is the time I locked my keys in my car. I called a locksmith and it took him 2 hours to get it unlocked. Everything fit together so well that he had a hard time getting to the door lock on the inside to unlock it. Plus, there is the fact that there are a lot of FJ60s and 62s still on the road in the U.S. and other 60 series models in other parts of the world which attests to the quality and durability of this vehicle.

4. Lifestyle

Besides think about Land Cruisers there are other things I like to do with my life. I like to camp, tinker, and hangout with other people who like the same things I do. Off-road vehicles in general can be a part of all three of these things. The Land Cruiser community is awesome and there is a fairly active group where I live.

5. Blend of comfort and ruggedness

My FJ60 is my only car. I needed something that would be comfortable enough to drive across the country and capable enough to going exploring on trails. I think the FJ60 is almost the perfect blend of these qualities, even compared to the FJ80 or 100 when you take into account the other reasons I love my 60 listed above.

So that’s it. That’s why I love my 60 so much. In other posts I will write about why I hate my 60 and why it makes me feel guilty. (I know there is a lot of emotion going on here. Maybe I should just relax 🙂