This is first I am hearing of this and it makes me sad. Proffitt’s Cruisers was one of the goto places for Land Cruiser parts and modifications. Their Cummins 4BT conversions were amazing.

In his open letter to the Land Cruiser community Greg Miller, COO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies stated that they were not able to make the company profitable. This makes me wonder if Proffitt’s was profitable before Miller and company bought it or bought it to save it. Proffitt’s has been around quit a while and it’s hard to believe that the company could have been continually loosing money that entire time.

After the Miller Group purchased Proffitt’s they drastically updated the website into an ecommerce business.This must have taken a significant investment. If anyone knows the real story of the downfall of Proffitt’s I sure would like to know. Let a comment and let the cruiser community know.