Gas Engine Options

The 2F is a great engine. It will last at least a couple hundred thousand miles if taken care of and it also has good low end torque. The not so great aspects of the engine are the mpg (usually around 12) and the lack of horsepower, particularly at highway speeds. Despite these disavantages a properly tuned and maintained 2F engine is still a great option for the FJ60 Land Cruiser.

The FJ62 came with the 3FE engine in the U.S. One of the major differences between this engine and the 2F is that the 3FE is fuel injected. This adds the advantages of easier starts, no fuel starvation at steep angles, and slightly better mpg. This engine also has a little more power than the 2F. The torque curve on this engine peeks out at a higher RPM. The 3FE is a good engine and a simple swap into an FJ60. If you want one of these engines in your cruiser an interesting option is the Man-A-Fre Hi-Performance versions of the 2F or 3FE. Another high performance 2F option is the Red Line Land Cruisers Freaky High Output 2F.

Besides the engines that came from the factory in the U.S. in the FJ60 and FJ62 there are other Toyota engines that can be swapped into a 60-series cruiser. The more modern Toyota engines will probably be more complicated and costly as a swap option.

One of the most common swaps done to an FJ60 or 62 is one of the many variations of the good old Chevy 350 V8. There are a lot of variations and aftermarket components for these engines to suit your preferences and they can be found for relatively cheap.

Diesel Engine Options

Let’s face it, Diesel engines are cool. Their tough, have a ton of low-end torque, and get good mpg for the amount of power they put out. One of the only down sides when doing a swap into a 60 or 62 is that they are expensive. One of the more popular swaps is the Cummins 4BT, or some variant thereof. I have heard of people getting quoted 20K or more for a professional swap! Another thing to think about when doing this swap is that you will have to lift your cruiser about 4 inches in order to make it fit properly.

There are other options besides the 4BT. Some people elect to squeeze in a 6BT, the 6 cylinder version of the Cummins 4BT. These engines are monsters in terms of both potential power output and weight. Besides the Cummins engines there are a variety of Toyota diesel engines. In most countries other than the U.S. 60 series cruisers came with a diesel engine option. These options included the 3B, 2H, and 12H-T (see FJ60 specs for other Toyota Diesel engine options). There are also businesses like Diesel Toys that put more modern Toyota diesel engines in FJ60s, specifically the 1HD-T and 1HD-FT. The down side to these engines is that since they were never offered in the U.S. they can come at a premium price because of their rarity and it can be hard to find parts for them. You can also find 60’s with Ford Power Stroke and GM Duramax engines.