In a previous post about why I am so crazy about FJ60s I explained my thinking about why I think I like 60s so much. However, there are also some things I hate about FJ60s too.

1. MPG

My 60 still has the original 2F engine in it (Only around 134,000 miles on it!). I think it is a great engine because it is simple, reliable, and has lots of low-end torque. The downside is that it drinks fuel like a fat kid eats cake. I haven’t calculated my mpgs lately but it is usually between 10-12 mpg. Luckily I take the bus to work so I don’t have to drive my car everyday. if I did I might have to get a different car.

2. Highway Speed

I don’t mind the slow acceleration but it is really frustrating cruising down the highway at 70 mph with the rpms at 3,000 (this no-doubt adds to the mpg problem).

3. Smog System

Well, I did hate the smog system until I removed it :). With out a doubt the smog pump will fail when you are on a road trip. The parts are really expensive. And, quite frankly, I doubt it does that much except make issue number 1 above worse.

4. Environmental Effect

As I mentioned, I take the bus to work so I only drive my 60 about once or twice a week when I need to run errands on the weekends. However, I am well aware that my car is not very environmentally friendly from an emissions and fuel consumption point-of-view.

5. Comfort

For my needs, the 60 is comfortable enough and has a good blend of ruggedness and comfort. However there are days when I dream of road trips in a nice cushy 100 series.

So that is what I hate about my FJ60. Luckily there are ways to improve all of these deficiencies and I will post about this in the future.