There is nothing worse than crappy wiper blades when you are driving in a rain storm. I was looking to upgrade mine and was completely overwhelmed by all the options. After searching around for a while I found two options that I thought looked promising.


Scrubblades windshield wipersScrubblade looked interesting because they are designed to to scrub off the gunk that can accumulate on your windshield when driving off road as well as the bugs and such that spatter all over your windshield on long road trips. They accomplish this by having hundreds of small triangular scrubbers molded into the wiper blade.


SilBlade Wiper Blades for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

SilBlade caught my eye because a website I sometimes peruse called expedition exchange sells them. This site sells gear for expedition vehicles and they have a decent review of the product on their website. SilBlades are made out of a patented silicon technology that is not affected by environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and sunlight.

I can’t remember why now, but I went with SilBlade. I ordered 17in for the front and a 13in for the rear. I will try Scrubblades at some point to see how they compare. One thing I like about the SilBlades is that the metal frame is very sturdy and seems more durable than most wipers I have used. I have had these on my Cruiser for a year now and I don’t have any complants so far. They press against the windshield very well. They don’t squeak as much as my old wipers, and they seem to be holding up really well. I would be interested to hear what wipers others use and recommend…

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