Suspension Options: Springs

All 60 series land cruisers came with leaf spring all the way around. This setup is easy to modify to provide your Cruiser with more ground clearance. A modest upgrade is to swap in some leaf springs that will give you 2 to 3 inches of lift. Old Man Emu, from ARB makes some good springs with a couple options depending on the type of ride you want and the amount of weight you think you will be carring most of the time. They also sell bushings and some nice anti-inversion shackles you can pop in if you want. After doing this mod you will want to slap on some 33 inch tires and some stainless steel brakes line.

If you want to go a bit bigger you can swap in a combination of shackles and springs that will lift your Cruiser as high as you want. Remember though, the bigger you go the more mods you will have to do to make your Cruiser safe and dependable. Once you get up to about 4 inches of lift you will want to put on some 35 inch tires. With 35 inch tires you will want to consider beefing up the brakes and adding a traction bar on the rear axle housing. You will also want to consider getting your front axle cut and turned. And finally, you will probably want to swap in some slightly lower gears in the diffs.

Another option Cruiserheads like to go with is to do a spring-over-axle (SOA) conversion. From the Toyota factory the spring packs are bolted on under the the axle. With some extra pieces of metal and some welding you can mount the springs on top of the axle. This has the added benefit of making the threaded end of your u-bolts point up instead of down moving them away from dangerous obstacles on the trail.

Shackle inversions are another popular modification. This mod consists of flipping around your front springs so the shackles are towars the back of the cruiser instead of the front, like the shackles on the rear springs. This is supposed to give you better performance on the trail because your it puts more forward tension on your front springs making your tires pop up and over obstacles easier.

Coil-over-shock suspension setups tend to give a better ride and can flex more on the trail, but can’t carry as heavy of loads. If you really want this setup for your 60, 61, 62, then consider swapping in an entire FJ80 frame under your 60 series. It’s been done and it seems like an awesome mod to me.

Suspension Options: Shocks

There are a lot of options when it comes to shocks. Most 60 owners go for a set of Old Man Emus. But, if you want to be different, the options are endless. You could do anything from picking up something from your local autoparts store to ordering a custom set of King shocks with remote reservoirs. You can have multiple shocks on each spring and you can also change how they are mounted.

Suspension Options: Summary

To sum things up there are a ton of aftermarket suspension options you can choose from to use on a 6o series Land Cruiser. You can keep things stock or you can go pretty much as big as you want. Remember that the bigger you go the more modifications you are going to have to make to other parts of the vehicle to keep it safe, functioning properly, and from breaking. If your 60 is your only vehicle I recommend keeping it stock or going with a 2 to 3 lift using Old Man Emu parts. This is what I have on my 60 long with 33×10.5 BF Goodrich All Terrains and I am very happy with the setup. If you do this, don’t forget to upgrade to stainless steal brake lines.

If you want to go bigger. Make sure you get the right combination of tires, lift, and gears. Also make sure you upgrade your brakes and steering components, get your front axle cut and turned, and add a traction bar on your rear axle. When you go big, I recommend doing a SOA. Like I said, there are tons of different suspension setups you can choose from. Write a comment below to let me know what your favorite setup is.