There are many things I love about FJ60s but there are a few things I hate. One of those things is the damn emissions system. It is a tangled mess of rubber hoses and expensive, unreliable parts. The air pump (smog pump) that pushes air through the system has a tendency to seize up causing a horrible shrieking sound from the rubber drive belt rubbing against the pulley and rendering your cruiser undrivable. The fins in the pump break off and prevent it from spinning. You’ll be lucky if an aftermarket air pump lasts you more than a year and they are $250 a pop. The OEM Toyota air pump cost $1,000 and are hard to find. So what’s the solution? Well, there isn’t really a good one. You can keep the emissions system in tact and make sure it is maintained properly and be prepared for the air pump to seize up at the worst possible time, like when you are 2 hours down some 4×4 trail. Or, you can alter or remove the system.

Before you go tearing out parts, remember that it is illegal to tamper with your emissions system and you might not be able to pass inspection after messing with the system. if you choose to proceed there two things you can do. You can gut the air pump and reinstall it or you can remove the system completely. If you choose to remove the system completely, here is a really great document that I found on ih8mud: How to Desmog an FJ60. It outlines in careful detail how to desmog an FJ60. It also lists many of the parts you need and where to get them. I wish I had found it before I desmogged my 60 🙁

If you have a 62 with a 3FE or a non-usa 60 series cruiser you might not have to deal with all this stuff.