Not all FJ60 repair manuals are created equal.

The Haynes Repair Manual

FJ60 Repair Manual Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, 62,80 & FZJ80, ’80’96 (Haynes Manuals)

Anyone that has owned a car has probably owned a Haynes repair manual. They are really not that great but I usually buy one for any car that I own, including my 60. I think these books are particularly good for beginners and to use as a quick reference to find simple repair and maintenance procedures. If you really want to get into the weeds you have to get the factory service manuals.

Toyota Factory Service Manuals

Maintenance Procedures 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser


The Factory Service Manuals (FSMs) contain detailed instructions and schematics for repair and maintenance. I contacted toyota directly to get the  FSMs. The ones I bought are listed below. And just so you know, they are expensive. I think I spent $170 for the ones in the list below.

  •  1981 – 1987 2F Engine, Pub. No. 36104E
  • 1983 Land Cruiser Electrical Wiring Diagram, Pub. No. EWD36679A
  • 1985 Maintenance Procedures, Pub. No. 36788A
  • 1981 2F Engine Emission Control Repair Manual, Pub. No. RM36043
  • April 1985 Land Cruiser Repair Manual Supplement for Chassis & Body, Pub. No. 36274A
  • 1984 Land Cruiser (Heavy Duty) Repair Manual for Chassis & Body, Pub. No. 36262E