So I am a huge, giant fan of everything Icon does. I love their FJs, their CJ, their Bronco, their Derelicts and Reformers, and all their one-off projects. Like I said. I love everything they do. I have written about them here and here.

Given that I love what Icon does so much and that I L-O-V-E FJ60s, it only makes sense that I really, really, really (times infinity)  want them to design and build an Icon version of the FJ60. Just imagine it! Everything powder coated, stainless steel hardware, chilewich upholstery… It would truly be my dream car.

I have to admit that I actually think about this pretty often. I think about what one would look like, what material choices they would make for various parts of the vehicle, and what engine and transmission they would put in it. Seriously, it’s a little embarrassing how much time I have spent over the last couple of years dreaming about this.

So here’s what I think an Icon FJ60 might look like:

It would have all the usual Icon goodies: Art Morrison custom chassis, ATX Teflon coated wheels, Stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust, and so on, but where things would get really interesting is choosing the design details for the parts of the FJ60 that make it unique.

For example, what would the front grill look like? I think they would do something similar to the what they did on the Bronco, which is make a original design and laser cut it out of stainless steel. No doubt this would be amazing. I like the design of the stock grill but I hate the plastic it is made of (I painted mine black, by the way. I think it looks good with the Freeborn Red color.) They would also need to address the front chrome bumper. My guess is that they would again do something similar to what they did with the Bronco. They would design and build a custom front bumper made of steel, powder coated, and outfitted with a winch and LED lights. They have actually already made a front bumper for 60 series Land Cruisers and you can buy one today if you want. For the rear bumper I am assuming they would do something pretty simple and straightforward, again, steel, powder coated.

Another exterior feature that would need some “Iconizing” are the vents on the front quarter panels and the D-pillars. At a minimun I think they would remake them out of cnc’d aluminum but I could also see deleting them as well. The vents in the front wouldn’t serve a function since there would be no need to suck in air to blow on the carburator of the 2F.

This brings us to the engine options. The obvious choice would be the GM E-Rod they have been doing in conversions in 60s and 62s lately. They might also have the 2.8 International diesel as an option. I know they have put this in a 60 before. I also wouldn’t be totally shocked it they put a Toyota iForce V8 in there. But what would be super-duper sweet is if they could somehow put the Toyota turbo diesel V8 that comes in the 70 series overseas in the Icon FJ60. That would be mid-blowingly awesome. Whatever the engine choice, I bet it would be mated to a Toyota H55F 5-speed manual transmission.

I think one of the most interesting and creative places on the 60 for Icon to do their magic is the front dash panel. I like the stock layout but there is too much plastic going on up there. It’s hard to speculate what they would do here. I’m sure they would use a lot of aluminum and stainless steel. I bet they would use their signature knobs. I wonder if they would consolidate the gauges into one panel kind of like on their 40 series? One thing is for sure. There is plenty of real estate to play around with up there so they have plenty of room to be creative. Given their track record, whatever they do will probably be simple and solid.

I have to admit that there is part of me that doesn’t really want Icon to build an FJ60. Seriously, I would have to take out a second mortgage, get a second job, or start selling meth or whatever it took to get the money to buy one. My wife would probably leave me and I would probably end up living in Icon FJ60 down by the river. I guess all I can do is wait and see if they make one.

What do you think? Leave a comment.