The engine oil and oil filter you use on any internal combustion engine has a very important job. They keep the pistons and cylinders lubricated so the metal that they are made of doesn’t get worn and ruin your engine. There doesn’t seem to be a general agreement on the best oil and filter, and the best option is certainly different for different engines. In a 60 series cruiser there are probably a few different types of engines that we would need to consider. These options in include the stock setups: 2F, 3FE, 2H, or 3B or a swap which is likely a gas powered V8, or a diesel.

The Oil

For the old gassers like the 2F most people seem to recommend a higher viscosity oil such as a 20W-50 in the summer and a 10W-40 (or lower) in the winter depending on how cold it gets where you live. My 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser owners manual recommends 5W-30 to 20w-50 depending on the expected temperature. I haven’t seen any evidence that any particular viscosity is better than another as long as it is suitable for the expected temperature. Here is a thread on Ih8mud that may be of interest. The posts (at least in the beginning) talk a lot about levels of zinc in oil used in older engines, which I don’t really have any patience for.

For a modern V8 you might want to consider a synthetic motor oil, especially if the engine is new or newly rebuilt. And for a diesel you definitely want to use oil meant for a diesel engine.

Whatever engine you have, if you do some searching you will find that there seems to be a lack of consensus on the world wide internet about the brand of oil you should choose or at least the brands people prefer. I have yet to come across any solid research that shows that any particular brand, synthetic or conventional, or viscosity to be better or worse for the types of engines that are usually in FJ60s. Especially, if you change it regularly.


The Filter

The preference for brand of oil filter seems to be about as varied as preference for brand of oil. When I looked into this a few years ago Toyota and Wix seemed to come up a lot in my search for quality filters. Again, I haven’t come across any real research that clearly shows one brand to be better than another. But just like with scattered suggestions about motor oil on the WWW the debate and conversation about the better oil filter seems to keep on going. The lack of consensus and research makes me think that there isn’t much of a real life difference between brands of oil and filters and that I should just choose the cheapest and change them regularly.

Here’s My Take

The 2F is an old, simple engine that is meant to be driven all over the world in all kinds of conditions. It probably doesn’t matter that much what oil you put in it as long as the engine stays lubricated and sludge doesn’t build up. I don’t worry to much about what kind of oil I put in my 60 and I don’t even bother to be careful about oil change intervals. I just make sure the oil in the engine is good shape by checking the clarity and level of the oil on the dipstick and change it before and after any really long road trips. Other than that I change it about 3 times a year. Two of those times are when the temperature goes from cold to hot and hot to cold. And yes, I live in a place with only two real seasons. One is hot and one is cold. It’s important to note that I take public transportation to work everyday and only drive my Cruiser on the weekends so I don’t rack up a lot of miles.

I take the same approach with my oil filter. I change it every time I change my oil and I am not too particular about the type or brand that I use. Again, the 2F is an old simple engine. The quality of the oil filters that were around were probably nowhere near the level of quality present in filters today. So almost anything you can get off the shelf today is probably better than what the 2F or 3FE was designed to use and tested with.

Finally, if you have a swap with a modern V8 you might want to be a little more particular. I would at least start with what the service manual recommends.

What are your recommendations or thoughts on the subject? Leave a comment.