I really like the way the stock radio looks in my FJ60 so I didn’t want to replace it with an aftermarket stereo. I did, however, want to play music from my phone through my car stereo. I didn’t want to get an FM transmitter because I heard that they didn’t work very well. After doing the usual searching around on the Internet I found a wired FM modulator by Scosche.

It was fairly simple to install. I had to remove the stock radio to connect it to the modulator. It has a switch and a mini-jack input. You just have to flip the power switch and tune to one of two stations station.

Keep in mind that I don’t have any desire to have a great, or even good, sounding audio system in my FJ60. I am not an audiophile. I just want to be able to hear whatever is playing. This setup does the job. If you are looking for great sound you should try a different solution.

Get it on Amazon for $28: Scosche FM-MOD02 Universal Audio Input FM Modulator for iPod, Satellite Radio or Portable Music Player


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