Maintenance Procedures 1986 Toyota Land CruiserSometimes it can be difficult finding parts for old cars at a good price. Sometimes it can be difficult to even find the part you need, period. This seems to be happening more and more as our beloved 60s, 61s, and 62s get older. Fortunately there are a lot of Cruiserheads out there with parts to sell and several Land Cruiser based businesses that exist for the sole purpose of providing parts for all types of Land Cruisers. Many of these places sell and make aftermarket add-ons and custom products for FJ60s, but the purpose of this article is to provide a list of sources for Toyota OEM, new, used, and refurbished parts that came in 60 series Land Cruisers from the factory.

Businesses Specializing in FJ60 Parts

CruiserYard – CruiserYard is a newcomer onto the Land Cruiser parts scene. It is located just outside of Austin, TX. I have met the owner and he seems like a straight shooter. They are a good resource for used parts and in addition they also have some new and aftermarket parts in their inventory.

Specter Off-Road – Specter Off-Road is the Granddaddy of Land Cruiser parts stores. If Specter doesn’t have the FJ60 parts you need then it is more than likely no one will. Besides having such an enormous selection of new and used parts, one of the best features of the website is that they have diagrams for every system of every Land Cruiser ever made which makes identifying the part you need easy. The best part is that you can click on the part in the diagram and you will go straight to the description and price of the part. It makes shopping for parts really easy. They also make a lot of custom FJ60 parts like the seat covers that I recommend. On the downside, their prices aren’t cheap and if you want to get the best prices they offer you’ll have to join their club for $50 per year. They say you will break even after spending $334 (per year).

Man-A-Fre – Man-A-Fre claims to be the first company in the U.S. to specialize in the enhancement of Toyota Land Cruisers. Of course at that time there was only the FJ40 and FJ55, but since then they have kept up with the changing models and become a full parts and service business. Like Specter Off-road, Man-A-Fre is located in California and they are also not known to be the cheapest source of parts. However, they do offer free technical advise via phone or email. I purchased a set of stainless-steel brake lines from them that seemed like they were a good price.

CruiserCorps – CruiserCorps specializes in FJ40s but has a decent selection of FJ60 parts. I like the nice design and ease of use of their website.

TLC – I’ve written about TLC and its sister company Icon before. TLC does the best restomod Land Cruisers in the world, and I am still hoping Icon will do an FJ60 one day. TLC has a small and slowly growing online parts business where they sell a lot of Toyota OEM parts along with some aftermarket products and products of their own creation.

CruiserParts – CruiserParts has a large inventory of used parts at good prices. This is usually the first place I go when looking for used parts. However, I am going to start looking at CruiserYard more because they are located closer to me. See note below.

American Toyota – American Toyota is a full service Toyota dealership owned by none other than Larry H. Miller. Yes, the same Larry H. Miller from the Expeditions7 team, the Land Cruiser Museum, CruiserFest, and he is the same guy that bought Proffitt’s Cruisers and then shut it down when he couldn’t make it profitable. There is a man that works in the parts department at American Toyota that goes by the name of Cruiser Dan. If you give him a call he can probably find any part you need. You can also order parts on their website.

Cool Cruisers of Texas – CCOT is located in…um…Texas and is known for their photographs with scantily clad models and Land Cruisers. I have a pair of their hood bumpers and recommend them if yours are missing or worn out. They have a large selection of Toyota OEM and aftermarket parts.

Cruiser Outfitters – Kurt, the founder of Cruiser Outfitters is a standup guy and an active part of the Land Cruiser community. Cruiser Outfitters doesn’t focus on used parts anymore, but they have a large selection of new Toyota OEM and aftermarket parts. Kurt will definitely help you out if you have any questions.

JT Outfitters – JT Outfitters is another good source for parts. There website is fairly easy to navigate.

Toyota Parts Zone – This website lets you search by vehicle, part number and even VIN number. It has a lot of detailed info and seems to have a ton of 60 series parts in stock. The easiest way to use this site is to do a keyword search on to find the part number for the part you are looking for and then search Toyota Parts Zone using the part number. Tip: remove the hyphen from the part number when you use it to search so it is just consecutive digits.

FJ60 Parts in Classified Ads

If you have the time and patience, buying parts through classified ads can get you the best deals. In order to get those deals you need to know how to tell if something is in good shape and if it is priced right.

eBay – On eBay you can buy parts at a set price or you can bid for them in an auction. One nice thing about eBay is that it lets you search for items worldwide and the selection includes everything from individuals to large vendors.

craigslist – Good old craigslist is a good marketplace for buying, selling, and trading just about anything. Here’s a little trick to use when searching for parts on craigslist if you want to search in the listings for more than one city. In the Google search box type your search keyword and then “”. For example, if I was searching with the keyword fj60 I would type, “fj60”. This will search the entire craigslist website using the term fj60. You can’t do this from inside craigslist itself. You can also use Google’s search tools to narrow the search down by time and location.

IH8MUD – There is a very active classifieds section on IH8MUD. You can also post items you are looking for. For those of you who own 60 series Land Cruiser that were never sold by Toyota in the U.S., i.e. the BJ60, HJ60, BJ61, FJ61, and HJ61, there is a thread that specializes in these non-U.S. market parts.

FJ60 Parts Resources – You can look up the part numbers for all the parts on your cruiser using this website.

A note about buying parts: Don’t forget to calculate shipping price into the cost of the part you are buying. The FJ60 parts sources listed above are spread throughout the U.S. Depending on the item, there may be a significant cost advantage to purchasing your FJ60 parts from a place close to you.

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