Seems like a few years ago their were only a few options for FJ60 bumpers. You could either go with the ARB bumper like everyone else or get a fabrication shop to do a custom bumper for you. Over the last couple years more FJ60 bumper options have come on the market. A list of several FJ60 bumpers are below.


I’ve always liked the 4Plus front and rear bumpers. They look good and seem sturdy. The 4Plus front bumper is similar in style to the TLC front bumper (see below).


4Plus FJ60 Bumper

4Plus FJ60 Bumper


4×4 Labs

The rear bumper from 4×4 labs is very innovative and unique. I like the rear quarter panel protect built into the bumper and the swing-out options they have. If you are handy with a welder you can order a kit and weld it yourself to save some money.

4x4 Labs FJ60 Bumper

4x4 Labs FJ60 Bumper Kit


TLC recently started selling these nice looking front bumpers that they have used on many of their restoration projects. Anything coming from TLC has to be a solid product. I like the low-profile, straight horizontal lines in the design.

TLC FJ62 Bumper


Ah yes, the good ol’ ARB. Probably the best designed and engineered FJ60 front bumper on the market. Watch this video to see why. I still have stock front and rear bumpers on my FJ60 and I am leaning towards this one whenever I decide to upgrade.

ARB FJ60 Bumper

Hard Notched Customs

The Hard Notched Customs bumpers have some cool angles and lines in their design. They have some different options that you can select when purchasing a bumper on their website. The options includes bar style, coating, winch, and lighting options.

Hard Notched Customs FJ60 Bumper


Kaymar is a genuine Australian company. They used to only offer a single jerry can swing-out but have recently started offering a dual jerry can option. TLC often uses these on their 60 series projects.

Kaymar FJ60 Bumper

Hardline Fabrication Services

The bumpers from Hardline Fabrication Services (HFS) are definitely a good choice for someone looking for an off-the-shelf tube-style bumper. The HFS bumpers are minimalist in style and offer good protection at a low weight. HFS bumpers are also some of the lower cost FJ60 bumpers you will find on the market. There a couple different designs to choose from.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Front Bumper

HFS Toyota FJ60 / FJ62 Land Cruiser Front Bumper

Tactical Armor Group

Tactical Armor Group (TAG) offers a true semi-custom bumper option for FJ60s and FJ62s. They have basic designs that you can add lots of options to. This is really unique in the FJ60 bumper marketplace.

MultiCarrier FJ60 and FJ62 Bumper

Wincher (FJ60/62) Bumper

I have stock bumpers on my FJ60 so I am constantly on the lookout for what I am going to get to replace those shiny, chrome bastards. Right now my top picks are the ARB front bumper and either the Kaymar rear bumper or the 4×4 Labs rear bumper. I just don’t think there is any other product that compares to the ARB in terms of quality and design. I really like the design of the 4×4 Labs rear bumper and I have seen one in person and was pretty impressed. The reason I like the Kaymar is because TLC uses it and I don’t think they would if it was a piece of crap, and Kaymar ships it’s products all over the world for use in a variety of commercial applications. With such a large customer base they probably get a lot of feedback about their products and make refinements to them based on the feedback.

If there are any other bumper options out there that I didn’t cover and you think are worth mentioning, leave some info about the bumper in the comments below.