This post from The Wagon Way shows some ideas for where to place fire extinguishers in your 60 series. Along with the images the Author shares a brief story about someone he knew who had a Jeep Cherokee burned up after catching fire on the road.

I have a similar story however it involves an FJ60. A friend of mine has a beautifully restored FJ60 back in the late 90s. I believe he put around 13k into the restoration. His father was driving it down the highway when he noticed smoke coming from under the hood. He putted it over and before the fire department could get there it was toast.

I didn’t get my FJ60 until 2008, but I remembered that story and the first thing I did when I got it was buy some fire extinguishers. Mine are just rolling around in the cargo area right now. One day I will find a place to secure them.

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