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Cool stuff for you and your cruiser.

Below is a list of stuff that I recommend that has roughly to do with FJ60s. The list includes FJ60 parts and gear and stuff that could be used with other 60 series Toyota Land Cruisers. It also contains random stuff that 60 series owners might find interesting. I own and/or use everything in the list unless otherwise noted. Some items on the list are linked to posts that go into detail about why I like the item. I will continue to update this page as I find and use more cool stuff. Please recommend something you own, use, and like by posting a comment.

60 Series Parts and Gear

  • DieHard Platinum batteries – There are really great batteries and are easy to find at your local Sears.
  • Toyota Factory Service Manuals – These are a must have for any do-it-yourselfer. They show you how to do things the right way.
  • SuperBright LED lights – I love having LED lights in my FJ60 for a couple reasons. First, they don’t go out as often which means there is less of a chance that I will get pulled over for having a brakelight out. Second, They draw less power which means if a light gets left on, it won’t drain my DieHard Platinum battery as fast.
  • Hella Horns – The old stock horn in my FJ60 weren’t loud enough to alert other drivers. These were an easy swap-in replacement.
  • Jim C. Desmog parts – Jim’s Idler pulley and cap and plug set make don’t a desmog much easier.
  • Old Man Emu Suspension Components – Probably the best and most used suspension components for FJ60s.
  • SilBlade Wiper Blades – Windshield wipers that are made with silicon instead of ordinary rubber. They won’t succumb to the elements and will therefor last much longer than rubber wiper blades.
  • BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires – Great tires that have good on-road and 0ff-road performance.
  • Stainless steel battery trays – These trays won’t corrode and you can get two and a coolant reservoir relocator for setting up a dual battery system.
  • No loss valves caps – These will hold pressure in your tires even if the valve is damage. They won’t break and fall off like plastic valve caps.
  • Cool Cruisers Hood Bump Stops – Installing these made it easy to open my hood and made the hood rattle less when I was driving.
  • Scosche Universal Audio Input FM Modulator – I wanted to keep the stock radio in my FJ60, but I also wanted to listen to digital music. This works well and is not as prone to interference as a wireless system.
  • K&N E-2940 High Performance Replacement Air Filter – I wasn’t expecting better gas milage or increased performance from this filter. I just wanted one I could clean and reuse.