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The mission of Everything FJ60 is to provide informative and entertaining content for people who love 60 Series Toyota Land Cruisers. Curating and creating content takes time, energy, and money. Expenses include hosting costs, WordPress themes, hiring graphic designers and more. There are several ways you can support this work. You can support Everything FJ60 by visiting the site often. This helps generate revenue through Google AdSense, which is the system that displays advertisements on the website. You can share the content from Everything FJ60 that you like on social media. You can buy products located in the Everything FJ60 Shop. Some of the products are affiliate links. This means that when you click and purchase the item from the associated retailer, Everything FJ60 gets a referral fee from the retailer. Many of the products listed can be found on Amazon. If you shop on Amazon often you can first visit this page and click the following link that takes you to Everything FJ60 will get a referral fee based on what you purchase on Amazon.

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